About Us

Health matters should be of concern to everyone regardless of status, occupation or geographical location. But unfortunately, this niche area of the news reporting industry is grossly underserved.

Launched in late 2021, Lafiya360 is an emerging health related news, storytelling and information platform that seeks to draw the much needed attention to health issues in Nigeria, through professional, independent, credible, high-impact and non-partisan journalism, devoid of political and commercial influence.

Lafiya360 is founded on the premise that health related concerns (malnutrition, pollution, female genital mutilation, insurance etc.) are not been given the right amount of attention they deserve both politically and socially.

Our mission is to relentlessly follow the leads wherever they go in order to bring these issues to light, highlight areas where strides are being made as well as areas where efforts are lacking, in hopes of sparking conversations on the way forward for better healthcare policies and access.

We consider ourselves advocates of change and seek to contribute as much as we can to a more healthy society for the people (who we represent), one publication at a time.